Professor Robin Bernstein is featured in The Harvard Gazette

August 8, 2018

On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, The Harvard Gazette posted the article, “Second life for slave narrative,” which featured AAAS Professor Robin Bernstein and her recent findings on the slave narrative of Jane Clark.  Jane Clark was a slave, who was abused as child, was subjected to numerous floggings, and escaped to freedom in her mid-thirties.  Jane Clark’s narrative was also recently published in Common-place, the journal of early American life.

Bernstein stated, “We have a great deal of knowledge about slavery and escapes from slavery, but it’s very scattered…This is my small attempt to unscatter one piece of the knowledge.”  Bernstein also stated, “The fact she (Clark) never gave a speech or ran for Congress doesn’t mean she didn’t matter.  She’s one of many, many stories and it deserves to be heard.”  The article also included quotes from AAAS Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. 


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