Boubacar Diakite

Boubacar Diakite

Preceptor of the African Language Program
Boubacar Diakite

Boubacar Diakite is the preceptor of African Language Program in the department of African and African American Studies at Harvard. He is a linguist with specialization in Phonetics and Phonology of Mande languages. He was born in Mali, West Africa, where he did his undergraduate work in bilingual studies at the University of Bamako. He received his Masters in Linguistics and African Studies from Indiana University. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the same fields at IU. He studied Arabic, French, English, and German. In addition, he is a certified N'ko (Bamanankan, Maninkakan, Julakan and Mandingokan) instructor. He has also attended the Second Language Acquisition Certificate Program for African Language Instructors in Madison, WI. Boubacar has several publications on Bamanakan phonology issues. He with others helped Microsoft develop softwares to use Nko on PCs. He also with others helped Eatony Company to develop Twtool for Nko on I-devices. He will be helping the same company to develop triage for Nko on the same devices as well.


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